31st Jul 2014

Debt is a stressful topic on its own, but add in divorce and blood pressure can shoot up extremely quickly. If you’re thinking about divorce or if you are in the middle of one, taking care of your finances should … more

25th Jul 2014

Divorce is a bad time to make mistakes. As this article in Time points out, divorce is usually about two things: money and children. Women in particular need to be informed and prepared when going into a divorce. Divorce brings … more

9th Jul 2014

Most of us know first hand how social media can affect our habits. But can it really influence divorce? A recent study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior suggests that social media use correlates with divorce rates. The … more

19th Jun 2014

In Japan, a man wrote in anonymously to a divorce advice column saying his wife left him because he did not like Disney’s animated movie Frozen as much as she did. While this may not be the craziest cause for … more