23rd Sep 2014

Today marks the 3rd installment of Monday Night Football in the NFL and I’m sure the vast majority of women around the country are all too familiar with this fact. Whether they’ve heard about how poorly their husband’s team is … more

19th Jun 2014

In Japan, a man wrote in anonymously to a divorce advice column saying his wife left him because he did not like Disney’s animated movie Frozen as much as she did. While this may not be the craziest cause for … more

4th Jun 2014

Instead of just going out with friends after a divorce, a growing trend among newly divorced people is to have a party. Celebrations complete with guests, music, cake, and even reverse wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more popular. The … more

12th May 2014

Prenuptial agreements have been around for a long time in the US, but they have just started to become common in the UK in recent years. Sometimes the subject can be a touchy one—planning for a possible divorce before the … more

10th Apr 2014

As some states are beginning to recognize same-sex marriages and others are hammering out their own legal definitions of same-sex partnerships and all that goes with them, estate planning is becoming a central issue. While all of us need to … more

24th Sep 2013

On October 8, 2008 the Supreme Court of Missouri approved a new Civil Procedure Form 14 which becomes effective January 1, 2009. The schedule of basic child support obligations is based on the income shares model, which seeks to apportion … more

12th Sep 2013

The award of attorneys fees in a divorce or modification case are governed normally by Section 452.335 Revised Statutes of Missouri. A Retainer Fee is required to employ the attorney on a Family Law Matter. The amount of the retainer … more

Ready, Set….Divorce How to Reduce Risks & Maximize Results in a Divorce – By Greg L. Roberts The emotional trauma associated with divorce often will lead to serious misjudgments that can have a devastating impact upon the final terms of … more