14th Apr 2014

Deciding how to divide one’s estate is difficult enough under perfect circumstances, but some aspects of the process become much more complicated when the surviving spouse in a marriage is not a United States citizen. The issue here lies with … more

10th Apr 2014

As some states are beginning to recognize same-sex marriages and others are hammering out their own legal definitions of same-sex partnerships and all that goes with them, estate planning is becoming a central issue. While all of us need to … more

25th Mar 2014

Have you ever thought what would happen to your estate if you pass away without a will?  I’m sure you’re under the assumption that your assets and possessions will pass seamlessly to your husband or wife, but that isn’t always … more

14th Mar 2014

Most of us have given a loan or a gift to family members, but we don’t always consider associated tax implications. While no one wants to pay income taxes unnecessarily, intra-family loans can benefit a high-asset estate when handled properly. … more