30th Sep 2014

Whether your spouse has fled the country or is hiding out and you can’t locate them, there is always the alternative to divorce by a Motion to Serve by Publication or Posting. This will be granted by the judge and … more

23rd Sep 2014

Today marks the 3rd installment of Monday Night Football in the NFL and I’m sure the vast majority of women around the country are all too familiar with this fact. Whether they’ve heard about how poorly their husband’s team is … more

8th Sep 2014

This might seem like a backwards concept, but for those couples that end up sharing custody after divorce, the stress doesn’t seem to be as crushing, the resentment as nagging, and the to-do lists as long, all of which make … more

22nd Aug 2014

Divorce is a very difficult time for every family, but it’s especially tough during the start of a new school year. Even though your marriage is no longer intact, you should never abandon your kids. By being able to come … more