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How to Handle Marital Separation

When you decide to divorce your spouse, the first step you will need to take is to legally separate so that the two of you can live in different households while the legal process carries out. In this blog, our lawyers explain what you need to do if you want to effectively get through your marital separation.

Legal Separation

Legally separating from your spouse means more than just moving out of the marital home, it is also a major step that will eventually lead to your divorce. When you separate, the court will order you and your spouse to reach an agreement that defines both of your legal rights and obligations. Despite this agreement, your marriage is not permanently ended until your divorce is finalized.

Once you have legally separated from your spouse, you can start determining the following things:

Review Your Finances

You need to become familiar with your finances, especially if you are a spouse who has been left in the dark about important accounts. Find and review statements from all of the accounts that you have with your ex. Take this information and create a list of your assets and debts. You should also make copies of your credit card statements.

You will also need to establish your own lines of credit after you separate from your ex. However, before you start opening new credit cards, cancel all of the joint credit cards that you had with your ex. Canceling the joint credit cards will ensure you don’t have to be responsible for more debt that your spouse accumulates.

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