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What’s the Difference between a Prenuptial vs Post-Nuptial Agreement?

It’s the most romantic and exciting day of your life--but are you fully prepared for what’s to come after you walk down the aisle? More and more couples are realizing the harsh reality regarding divorce rates, and to prevent any future complications, prenuptial agreements have adapted into society as a necessary precaution. Though prenuptial agreements have long become a standard part of marriage, not many couples are aware their options don’t end there. A post-nuptial agreement is just that, an agreement both spouses come to once they have already been married.

Prenuptial agreements are signed prior to the marriage legally taking place, and they often cover issues regarding both parties’ finances. In a prenuptial agreement, both parties take measures to protect their personal assets in case of a future divorce. They are also extremely important if this isn’t either party’s marriage, or if either person has children with another person.

Post-nuptial agreements may be useful in the event one or both spouses come into a large sum of money, either through a trust, will, or any other means. They are also incredibly useful if the couple starts or shares a business together. Though it may be an unpleasant conversation to have, you will thank yourselves in the long run.

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