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Better Parenting Through Divorce

This might seem like a backward concept, but for those couples that end up sharing custody after divorce, the stress doesn’t seem to be as crushing, the resentment as nagging, and the to-do lists as long, all of which make for a much better parenting environment. Naturally, this makes sense considering in many arrangements, the parenting duties will be split between both parents on different days of the week.

As a single parent, you will find yourself with days where you’re not stressing about what to make for dinner when you get home, or not minding waking up in the middle of the night because someone had a nightmare and needs help getting back to sleep. With a few days during the week free for yourself, you can start focusing on what makes you happy again instead of constantly worrying about the laundry or the carpool.

This “me time” will aid in invigorating your mind and body and when the time comes for your children to come back home, you can greet them with open arms and relish in the moments together until they leave again. Now, instead of resenting your significant other for coming home in a bad mood and not wanting to help with the children after you’ve spent all day running around like a taxi, getting spit upon, and acting like a short order cook, you can take the time to cook dinner, watch their favorite show, and get them ready for bed.

And since you’ve been able to get a few peaceful nights to yourself, hopping out of bed to change the sheets or tuck somebody back in, you won’t be as exhausted in the morning. To top it all off, you just might even end up missing those sleepless nights when your little ones are gone and that only makes you cherish your time together even more.

Setting the expectations for yourself and your now ex-partner after divorce will help alleviate the issues that usually escalated when you were together. With this in mind, you can now have simple and more importantly a calm conversation about grocery lists or soccer practice knowing that at the end of the day, the children will be taken care of and their best interests are at heart.

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