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Managing Divorce at the Start of a New School Year

Divorce is a very difficult time for every family, but it’s especially tough during the start of a new school year. Even though your marriage is no longer intact, you should never abandon your kids. By being able to come together as parents, it will create a much better environment for the children to thrive after the divorce.

Whether your children are starting high school or entering Pre-K, divorce has far-reaching effects at all ages, but here are a few techniques to follow that aid in the transitional process.

Young and old, all children need some direction after the last signature has dried and the divorce is finalized. As divorced parents, you need to take the lead and foster a sense of unity between you and your ex-spouse. This will deliver the message to your children that even though you are no longer married, you still love and care about them.

One matter that is always a messy issue after divorce is childcare expenses. A solution to this problem would be to keep a detailed account of all child-related purchases to maintain transparency. By keeping track of all child care related expenses you and your spouse can discuss who will pay for what and know exactly what purchases are to be considered.

Also, if you are parents of young children, it might be best to speak with their favorite teacher or possibly a counselor at the school and let them know about the current situation so that they can diffuse any potential situations based on bullying or any other situations that may arise.

Lastly, in today’s age, technology makes our lives easier, so why night use it to your benefit? One simple way of maintaining order in your life, as well as theirs, would be to use a shared digital calendar. This way, both you and your ex-spouse can add to it and keep it updated with a simple push of a button. The more information and responsibility that is shared post-divorce, the better.

As you look forward to the school year ahead, remember that talking it through with your ex-spouse is always an option, but if the conversation has stopped and you need legal counsel, contact us today. Our attorneys are here to protect you and your family’s best interests.