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Football on field

Football and Divorce

Today marks the 3rd installment of Monday Night Football in the NFL and I’m sure the vast majority of women around the country are all too familiar with this fact. Whether they’ve heard about how poorly their husband’s team is performing or how “so-and-so” is injured and they just can’t make up those points on their fantasy team, football has now taken over the collective of the American male psyche (that’s not to say that some women don’t also love it!).

There is story after story circulating around the internet of how one partner’s addiction to football has caused their marriage to deteriorate to the point of ruin. Some women are reaching out to others seeking advice, while other spouses have had enough and filed for divorce.

There are even extreme instances, such as women driving to the hospital to visit her sick mother, all while her husband stayed at home to watch the all-important game. Relationships are falling victim to these men’s obsession and their wives are forced to sit on the sidelines until the season has ended.

This compulsion has driven some women to the point of no return—and for good reason. They have been neglected both physically and emotionally and they have had enough. For these couples, divorce looms on the horizon and they’re facing a 4th-and-long situation with little hope for the conversion. But football alone isn’t to blame—most of the time, a sports obsession and the backlash it causes can be indicators of greater issues in the marriage, but football is only what shows on the surface.

Whether you’ve been married for 10 months or 10 years, communication in marriage—or any relationship for that matter—is critical. Take the time to speak to your spouse about how their obsession/addiction to football or anything else is making you feel and what it’s doing to your marriage. However, if you feel that your marriage is past the point of no return, contact the attorneys of The Roberts Law Firm for assistance in your divorce proceeding at (636) 590-4864.