25th Mar 2014


Have you ever thought what would happen to your estate if you pass away without a will?  I’m sure you’re under the assumption that your assets and possessions will pass seamlessly to your husband or wife, but that isn’t always the case.  In most states your partner will only receive a portion of the estate while the rest will go to your children.  Moreover, if a will is not in place, odds are your partner will end up having to pay a third party to manage “your children’s money.”

Creating a will allows you to express your wishes upon your passing.  Without one, your family will not be able to fully execute your wants and desires as you would if you were alive.  We realize that contemplating a life without your loved ones is a difficult undertaking, but planning in advance is one way to ensure that your family’s well being will be the top priority after your passing.  Instead of having to deal with lawyers and legal issues, your family will be able honor your memory and go on living life knowing that you cared for them long after you’re gone.

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