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FAQ Family Law Billing Practices Attorneys Fees

The award of attorneys fees in a divorce or modification case is governed normally by Section 452.335 Revised Statutes of Missouri.

A Retainer Fee is required to employ the attorney on a Family Law Matter. The amount of the retainer is generally variable depending on the issues involved, the complexity of the case and time anticipated.

Family Law billing is by hourly billing depending on the hourly rates which will vary between attorneys and paralegals and legal assistants. Sometimes flat fees are utilized for matters such as adoption, name changes, or a non-custodial dissolution.

An initial consultation fee will generally vary depending on the type of case and the time anticipated in the consultation.

Employment or retainer fee agreements are generally required for every case to ensure there is a clear understanding of the billing rates which the attorneys are billing the clients and services provided by the attorney for the specific matter.