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Could a Disagreement About “Frozen” Really End in Divorce?

In Japan, a man wrote in anonymously to a divorce advice column saying his wife left him because he did not like Disney’s animated movie Frozen as much as she did.

While this may not be the craziest cause for a divorce in history, it’s certainly strange. You would think that after a long time together—6 years in this case, apprently—a couple would be able to work out such a small disagreement. But it seems that even a very mild critique of the movie on the part of her husband was enough to call it quits.

This may also sound strange, but in Missouri and other no-fault states, no cause is required to file for divorce. In fact, only one spouse can file without the other’s knowledge or consent. The other spouse will have a chance to respond to the filing, but as far as getting the process started, it only takes one spouse and no fault.

We hope you think about a decision like this a little more than the woman in this story. But if you are considering a divorce, you should contact a lawyer as one of your first steps.

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