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Car Accidents Caused by Dangerous Roads

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The Roberts Law Firm, P.C. helps accident victims in Missouri who were injured because of dangerous roadway conditions that could have been prevented by MoDOT or another government agency or city responsible for the maintenance of the roadway. Such dangerous conditions may include poorly designed roadways, defective road design, and poor maintenance of streets, traffic signals, or improperly placed signs or fences along the roadway.Car Accident Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions

A skilled Chesterfield car accident attorney is needed to determine whether MoDOT or another Missouri government agency is responsible for the injuries and damages caused by the defective roadway. If liability is determined, then a claim may be brought against MoDOT or the responsible government agency that failed to maintain the highway. There may also be claims against other drivers or negligent parties as part of the claims process.

Missouri drivers are entitled to safe roadways that do not pose dangers. If you or a family member was injured as a result of defective or dangerous road condition, please feel free to contact attorney Greg L. Roberts for a consultation.

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Examples of Dangerous Roadway Conditions

The following are examples of some dangerous roadway conditions:

  • Missing or inadequate guardrails
  • Obstructive roadway view cases
  • Dangerous fencing along roadway
  • Overgrown trees and vegetation blocking view
  • Defective traffic lights and traffic signals
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Improper signage or missing signs
  • Road construction hazards including trucks stopped for work projects
  • Failure to warning of upcoming road work
  • Bridge defects and bridge collapse
  • Insufficient median or divider
  • Lack of shoulder
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Dangerous potholes and drop-offs from roadway
  • Uneven pavement
  • Failure to maintain roads or highways
  • Road design defects
  • Objects on highway

Limited Statutory Time to File a Claim

After an accident, it is important to talk to a dangerous roadway accident attorney to ensure that important time limits do not pass for your claim. Attorney Greg L. Roberts works with accident victims in an effort to secure their right to full and complete compensation, including recovery for lost wages, payment of medical bills, pain and suffering, and possible punitive damages.

Claims against MoDOT and other dangerous roadway and road design defect cases are often complex. There is often a need to obtain expert testimony on the improper nature of the highway and to fully determine the causes of the accident. Attorney Greg L. Roberts is able to properly evaluate your claim and review with you all options available for your particular claim.

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