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Personal Injury Claims Involving Explosions, Spills & Leaks

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Whether it takes place in a workplace or at home, an explosion, spill, or leak can cause serious physical harm. All too often, these types of accidents are the result of a defective product, although many different forms of negligence can cause them. At The Roberts Law Firm, P.C., we use 35 years of experience to help victims of explosions, spills, and leaks fight for fair compensation. We can help you.

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Industrial Accident Claims

The line between explosions, spills, and leaks is often drawn by insurance companies. They characterize accidents in certain ways for their purposes. For that reason, a valve shooting off a piece of industrial machinery and causing injury to a worker may be called a leak, rather than an explosion. The bottom line is that no matter how the insurance company classifies the accident, we can represent the victim in fighting for the necessary and just compensation.

Explosions, Spills & Leaks Outside of the Workplace

Many products used by consumers at home or elsewhere can cause serious accidents if they are made improperly. Our Chesterfield personal injury attorneys can take action against manufacturers who put a dangerous product into the hands of consumers.

Our experience allows us to take on very challenging cases, including major cases involving chemical leaks or spills. For example, if a business has a chlorine gas leak or any other type of dangerous chemical leak that causes harm to people in the surrounding area, our attorneys may, if merited, take action on behalf of the people who became ill because of the chemical.

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