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Back and Spinal Conditions

Following a vehicle accident, medical diagnosis of back or spinal damage along with associated continuing symptoms of pain and disability may be indicative of the need for surgical intervention.

The Need for Surgical Intervention

Conservative treatment through medical evaluation and therapy are likely exhausted prior to surgical intervention on the spine. As with any surgical procedure, no complete fix is possible and the goal is to alleviate pain symptoms and increase functionality to the greatest extent practically possible. Spinal injuries that require surgery can still result in severe and chronic pain following surgery and injury victims may require long term medication management, physical therapy and further ongoing medical treatment.

35% of spinal cord injuries are caused by automobile accidents, making car crashes the leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

Prosecuting Spinal Cord Injury Claims on Behalf of Victims

When your back or spinal cord injury causes you to need surgery to relieve pain or to control symptoms of pain, The Roberts Law Firm P.C. will hold responsible the party who caused the injury. The Firm works with surgeons, treating physicians, and medical experts to demonstrate the level of injury clearly to the judge and jury. When Roberts takes on a spinal cord or back injury claim, they seek full compensation to cover a client’s damages including payment of:

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery may be recommended if the cause of your back pain is from motion between the segments of the spine. This surgery is usually performed when one or more herniated discs or degenerative disease is present. A spinal fusion limits motion in the area of pain to alleviate the problem. Spinal fusion surgery involves permanently connecting two or more of your vertebrae together with bone grafts and metal plates and screws. Spinal fusion is permanent and generally takes away some mobility and range of motion and does not always provide complete relief from pain.

Laminectomy Surgery

A laminectomy is a surgery often recommended when a herniated disc pinches nerves, creating symptoms of leg or hip pain, weakness in legs or feet, numbness in hands, arms, legs or feet, and problems with bowel or bladder functions. The lamina may be removed on one or both sides allowing access to the foramen, nerve roots and disc. The spinal disc is cleaned to provide more space for the nerve roots to exit and the part of the disc that is pressing on the nerve root is removed.

Discectomy Surgery

A discectomy is a surgery to remove a herniated disc from the spinal canal. When a disc herniation occurs, a fragment of the normal spinal disc is dislodged. This fragment may press against the spinal cord or the nerves that surround the spinal cord. This pressure causes the symptoms that are characteristic of herniated discs. The surgical treatment of a herniated disc is to remove the fragment of spinal disc that is causing the pressure on the nerve.

Back Injuries following a Vehicle Accident

The Roberts Law Firm P.C. has experience handling back and spinal cord injuries, including the following:

Free Consultation: St. Louis Back Pain Attorney

Because of the complexities often related to back and spinal cord cases, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Roberts will work to help you avoid getting struck with unpaid medical bills. Instead of letting your injuries and medical bills overwhelm you, contact The Roberts Law Firm P.C. for a free consultation. For a free consultation about a serious car or truck accident, call toll free at 866-585-5643 or 636-530-9199 or contact us online. The Roberts Law Firm P.C. wants to help you ensure your medical bills are paid and that you get the medical care and compensation you need to rebuild your life.

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