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Providing Assistance in Changing Family Court Orders

Whether positive or otherwise, new situations in the lives of divorced people and their children can mean that the terms of child support orders, child custody and visitation orders, or other court orders should be revised to keep pace with the new realities. If you need assistance with modification of your divorce judgment, custody arrangements or support arrangements, The Roberts Law Firm, P.C. can help.

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Post-Divorce Modifications Are Common

Family court judges have continuing jurisdiction and authority to make modifications to the terms of a child support order, spousal maintenance decree, or parent’s child custody and visitation schedule. Any petition for modification of a family court order should be based on substantially changed circumstances. The greater those changes are, the more likely the court will be to grant the request for modification.

In cases concerning modification of child support payments, an upward or downward change of 20 percent or more in one parent’s income will result in a strong case, unless the party resisting the change presents an especially strong case to the contrary.

Another major change involves requests for relocation. These are extremely challenging, as they require building a plan that keeps both parents involved in the child’s life, despite the distance between them.

Assistance with Major or Minor Modifications

Modification requests in cases that present less drastic changes may still succeed. A strong case will need to be made to make it clear that they are necessary because the change has unexpectedly strong consequences or implications.

Our Chesterfield divorce modification attorneys can review your situation to give you a good idea whether your case meets the court’s requirements to make a modification. Even if it does not, we may be able to work out a compromise agreement with the other party that will solve the immediate problem while protecting your interests.

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